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Suzy 4:20
sayA , JYP Stan and in love with my awkward maknae <3
140320 Interview with Ilgan Sports (Fei & Jia)


I was curious every time I saw miss A.

The doll-like Chinese members that sing and rap with perfect Korean. I wanted to hear their stories of mastering an unfamiliar language, becoming acquainted with foreigners, and working in a foreign country.

Fei (27) entered with black shorts and knee socks, black fur thrown on, and Jia (25) entered behind her. She looked chic with her long black coat and bold accessories.

Fei and Jia said they’re making the most of the time during which Suzy is taking a break from dramas by performing at events internationally and asked cheerfully, “What are just the two of us going to talk about today?”.

I was in awe throughout the entire chat. Their Korean skills are to the level that if I don’t pay special attention, I forget that they’re foreigners.

Q. Don’t you two live together?
Fei: We live separately. It’s been awhile since we started living independently.

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